In a man's brain, there's a complex chain of signals called the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonandal axis. Testosterone produced by the tested is regulated by this chain. At the onset of puberty, there is a rapid increase in the production of Testosterone. But just as rapidly as it increases at puberty, Testosterone production begins to slow from the age of 30 onward. COMPOUND-T boosts free Testosterone levels leading to increased sexual libido, muscle mass and energy.
I take Compound-T along with my Pre-work out powder and I feel great. My body feels stronger and thinner but with the tone I've been searching for. I have recommended this to several friends and people that I work with and they all have had nothing but good things to say.

- Brian, 35

I have been looking for a good natural testosterone boosting supplement ever since my doctor said I should find something to supplement my diet with. My energy level had almost disappeared, I found myself wanting to be in bed by 7:30, no endurance to finish golf or even hang out with my kids. After 2 months of being on Compound-T I feel like my old self again (my early 20's self). My wife is amazed at my energy levels. I'm back in the gym, finishing strong on the golf course. The best thing I can say about this is I overheard my wife telling her friend; "I feel like I have my husband back" - thank you!

- Michael, 48

I was a little nervous to take a testosterone supplement, a friend of mine recommended it. After hearing about how guys lose their testosterone after 30, I thought I would give it a try. I was concerned I was going to get roid rage but the first thing I noticed was my energy levels seemd to go up immediately. I drink coffee so it wasn't like a stimulant energy boost but real energy (hard to describe). The best thing is my libido is through the roof again. I'll be a life long customer.

- Mark, 41

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